"No More" Archie X Sizzle (Ft: P Lowe) Download + Donate

OFFICIAL RELEASE: Check out the new song by Archie & Sizzle Featuring P-Lowe "No More"! You can listen here and donate whatever you feel to download the song! All proceeds will go towards towards feeding women rescued from human trafficking in Houston!


"No More" Archie X Sizzle (Ft: P Lowe) 

New Music Coming January 2015

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month and Archie, Sizzle, & P Lowe will be releasing a new Kizomba song to support the cause!

Archie X Sizzle "No More" Campaign

On January 1st Archie & Sizzle will be releasing a song called "No More" featuring Singer, Songwriter & Cape Verde Music Award Nominee P.Lowe to raise awareness & money for an organization out of Houston, Texas called "Redeemed". This Organization fights to out an end to Human Trafficking.

Paradise - Archie X Sizzle (Feat. Charlie) - Kizomba 2014

Archie & Sizzle link up with Madeline Edwards(group mate of Micah Edwards and the other vocal half of the jazz group Leybon) to bring you a smooth paradise sounding kizomba song. www.KizombaWorth.com


Archie x Sizzle "Paradise" 11-4-14

Archie & Sizzle are collaborating again to release their second Kizomba Track "Paradise" featuring Jazz Singer Charlie. Paradise will also be available for free download via Soundcloud or at www.KizombaWorth.com

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