Track Six - Sizzle - Lyrics

Sizzle "Track Six" - Lyrics


They talk a lot of hypeness
Got me all excited
I finally got invited
Accepted by the finest
But there's no hope in liars
my Hope is where the light is
Hope is where the fight is
Im hopin' in the righteous (uh)
Made in his likeness
Discover can't swype this
& I'm just a sidekick
My hero strikes lightning
Kind of like Poseidon
But he's real (ha)
Just open up your eyes & see the signs that he's revealed
Still Spoke the earth into rotation Every planet in formation
Before humans Infestation 7 days of preparation
& here i stand (ah)
Take me as i am
Only 24 i guess it's time I be a man
Move out of my moms place & invest in my own land
Start fresh with my own fam
No less im a grown man
Get get in my zone man
So hard for me to focus
Niki got my eyes on her prize
And she know it
Still cannot decide
whether not To approach her
Just to get to kno her
My lust just wants to poke her
And im completely sober
All i had was soda
Hurry gotta pull her Before some other brother show up
Trying to take control of
This quagmire rendition
Objectifying these women
Who God made in his image
Them lies telling you different
Why do you even listen
You think a bigger butt is going to bring you more attention
Well it might
But not from "Mr. right guy"
Maybe Mr. "lets hook up I'll call you up tonight guy"
Just Love you for a night guy
But love you for a lifetime
Treat you like royalty then
Tuck you in at night time
& Never cross the Guidelines
God lines..
cause girl you are worth more than that,
Your past does not define you ,
Babygirl you must let go of that!
Stop holding back
the talents that Gods given you, use em
dream big and pursue them ,
Go get it baby lets do it


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